“Take an hour or two in the morning to meditate and organize your day and work out and eat slowly and have tea and answer emails and be a freak of a human being…” he muttered at 11:00 AM. “Who are these people and why are they so preachy…” he continued to mutter.

There was a tap at his door. He rolled his eyes and shuffled through the living room.

Tap-tap. It was very delicate.

“Hold on…” he groaned as only an introvert interrupted can. He unbolted the door but left the chain on. Opening just a crack, and without looking outside, he began the questioning. “Yes?”

“Oh,” answered a voice that sounded a little far away. “Oh, well, I’m here to ask for help.”

He rolled his eyes again. Why does anyone need help at this hour? He began muttering a reply. “What is it? I don’t have much money. Not that you care. What’s the situation? What’s the charity? Are you going to tell me a story? I need coffee. Can you come back when I’m gone…?”

“I’m sorry to have bothered you,” said the very soft voice. “I’ll find help elsewhere. I’m so clumsy. Have a very lovely day, sir.”

“Um. Right, thanks. Sorry. You too. Good day. Have a good day.” And he shut the door and bolted it again. Of course, he was curious about who was wanting his help, so he went to the front window and tried to get a look at the back of them. Peering outside from the edge of the window, he was just in time to see his car flattened by the heel of an enormous foot.

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