In his blood were visions of places where he ruled, where he was ruled, where he was welcome and from where he’d been exiled. It was warming as it coursed into feelings from worlds he’d never known, thirsts for alien waters, and longings for hearths he could barely see.

He was reaching into the sky, searching with his hands and fingers for the far away homes he was suddenly aware of, suddenly loved, suddenly missed. His arms aglow, he was a beacon of a songbird waving in the night breeze. All of nature around him stirred – was brokenhearted. The invitation to Other life, Other world, Other teeming terra which was mystically in their water and breath sang to them from their own souls, and they found irresistible the music it played for them on the night air.
He fell to the ground weeping, his hands grinding the soil with clenched fingers, still searching, still trying to pull and to hold home inside. It was leaving – home – was gliding forever away.

She held his face in Her hands, “see me,” She said, and wept.

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